The Rewards of Servant Leadership NOW


Often times, we tend to speak of a reward system for Christians in terms of eternality.  But there is a reward system for servant leaders that precludes eternality.  It is one that Jesus demonstrated in dealing with mankind and taught his disciples.  It is a reward system of NOW.

In Luke 10:29-37, Jesus responded to the question, “And who is my neighbor?”  Jesus detailed the experience of a certain man who fell among thieves as the man traveled from Jerusalem to Jericho.  The lot of this man could have been fatal had it not been for the kindness of a stranger.  It is interesting how the religious one who was expected to show this injured man kindness passed him by.  But the Samaritan, who according to culture, was not to have anything to do this man, showed him compassion.  At the end of the story, Jesus compels us to, “Go, and do likewise.”

Compassionate servant leaders are rewarded by:

(1) An intrinsic gratification that pleases not themselves but pleases God.

(2) Trust in the Word.  If you love others as yourself, you will eat of the good fruit that only God can give.

(3) Grace.  When you have mercy on others, God demonstrates undeserving favor toward you. You can reap rewards of Servant Leadership NOW!  #servantleadershipnow

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