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#Servant Leaders – Two minutes of your time, please!

From one #servant leader to another
Gardenia T. Bulluck, #Servant Leader
We extend this invitation.

Fast forward – Now it is March 8, 2022

football game

Since that invitation, in August 2019, the team players may have changed. Although much has happended since that time, the goal is still “to win.” But winning at what? What do you want to win? What are your long-term goals? What are your short-term goals? What is your roadmap? How often have we asked, proposed, and heard these questions?

Since August 2019, I know that I have revamped my plans and strategies, but my victory is still insight. Why? Because what I am aiming for, I already know the end game – “We win in the end.” I read the last chapter and it said, “God’s people shall reign with Him, forever.”

All of this has to do with choice. Who we choose to live for will make us a winner or not? Conditioning yourself for the end game is dependent upon many things. How you choose to lead is not the fault of other players. You are the decision-maker and decision-breaker. What is your choice? Will you be a #servant-leader and not just a team player?

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