Your #Leadership Appointment

Okay I get it! You are not happy with your calling – your appointment. I cannot blame you. Leadership means accountability. Who wants to be accountable! Most people would prefer a carefree, responsible-LESS lifestyle (if there is such a word). It would be just fine with most.

From the beginning, God made man a responsible being (Genesis 2:19-20). Adam named the creatures and things of the earth as God commanded him to do so. Leadership from the beginning was defined by The Creator, God called man to lead in a responsible way. He designed a help mate for such a task (Eve). Man is accountable for his leadership to God.

Yet, this is what God wanted for us. He wanted us to accept what He made, enjoy His fellowship and be happy (Genesis 2:4-19). Unfortunately, in spite of free-will, man made a terrible choice which cost him – a price that he could not repay (Genesis 3). Remember:

We are God’s family. In family, there is a hierarchy. There must be an order because God is order. Conforming to disorder can cause devastation – as we saw in Adam and Eve’s surrender to the enemy.

Let your leadership be in response to His grace and mercy. Lead with His direction. Be willing to stop for “red lights.” Heed the warning signs. Wait for the “green light.”

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