#Leadership Choices – Part III

Susan emerged from her office. “Jake,” she said, “I would like to reschedule our meeting for 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. Will that be a problem for you?” “No, that will be fine. I will meet with you then.”

Jake was somewhat relieved as he left Susan’s office. On the other hand, more time to reflect, meant more time with this matter on his mind without some answers he desperately wanted.

Later that evening, in his quietness of the day, Jake began to reflect. He was not going to lie if asked a question; he knew that for sure. The truth meant a lot to him. His integrity was at stake. His inner conflict was about how he had handled the situation. It had hoped that Adam’s business practices would eventually catch up with him. However, Jake did not imagine that he would be entangled in a web with Adam.

Jake reflected, “How shall I pray? What shall I say? Who shall I pray for…the co-worker, Susan, Adam, and others who may be a part of this process?”

Lead me, Oh Lord, lead me.”  

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