Are You Leading or Taking a Walk?

“Are you leading a parade or taking a walk?  This was just one of many statements that John Check proposed for food-for-thought.  Several points were expressed between these two community leaders as T. J. Walker, III sat for an interview by John of “Check It Out” (broadcasted by WHIG TV, a local community station in Rocky Mount, NC).  As an observer, I was inspired by:

  1. Old School versus New School – John is quite a bit older than T. J.,  yet, there was a mutual respect between two different generations.
  2. The interview agenda featured thoughts about social, racial and gender justice; decision-making; leadership focus; unity; and restoration.  What stood out was how they were able and willing to listen to one other, even if they did not agree in all of these subjects areas.
  3. There was an acknowledgement that leaders must recognize that we all are a work in-process.  Listening is important to leadership. Leading should inspire others to be their best. We should be evolving into what we are meant to do for the greater good.
  4.  Mr. Check emphasized that there is no room for hatred when Christ is in the heart.  This makes the difference in how people evaluate and change in their leadership.  Both Check and Walker are ministers; both look for bridging ways to bring “wholeness and healing” in the community.
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