Don’t Wing This One

One of the many definitions of the word “wing” is to guide, soar, or travel.  “To wing it” means to improvise; to do something without proper preparation.  Admittedly, there are times that we have sought to “wing it” when we have to do something difficult — like make a speech.  But, in this moment, I caution you to NOT WING THIS ONE!

You have been called to this mission because it takes a person with purpose and who do not mind the hard work that it takes to complete the task.  That is you!  If the task was easy, then you would not have been chosen.  The task you are undertaking at this moment in your life is because it is monstrous.  Large” people are given large jobs!  Why would you ask a person weighing 25 pounds to pick up an object weighing 125 pounds.

Load up your arsenal to fight the good fight of truth and dedication.  You must strategize; call for re-enforcement; gather the resources you need.  Remember, God is your source.  He expects you to look to Him throughout the process.  You are hired and commissioned by the Most High.  Represent Him well.  Your task is to important to “wing it!”


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