“Crab” or “Lifter”


Crab   I remember one Saturday afternoon when my brother and I spent hours watching a bucket of crabs. We were consumed by excitement as we watched the crabs trying to reach the top of the bucket. It looked as if one crab might make it when it was pulled down by a team of crabs. Not one of the crabs reached the top before it was time for my grandfather to delight himself on what was going to be his evening meal. Needless to say, my grandmother took this as a “teachable moment” for my brother and me. She expertly explained that the crabs were more interested in pulling each other down than rising up together. As a result, she said, “No crab reached the top.”

Early on, we learned as children, how lifting each other up was beneficial. Whether we were engaged in a neighborhood baseball game, a spirited fight, or climbing a tree, we could be victorious if we worked as a team. My brother understood my physical limitations when it came to sports and such things. He was the one who would give me a “boost” when I climbed the trees. He was the one who would stand up for me against a perceived enemy. He lifted me up when I felt challenged.

Everyone needs somebody in their corner. Each of us have to decide how we live and minister. Whether you believe or not in God, there is a spiritual side that must be assessed – are you serving as a “crab” or “lifter” of men.

In Genesis 50:1-26, the story of Joseph is an example of one who could have taken the position of a “crab.” Wrong was done toward him from the very ones who loved. Instead he chose to be a “lifter” of men.

Are you a “crab” or “lifter?”

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