“Crab” or “Lifter”


In July 2019, I attempted my first blog.  I had no clue as to what I was entering into.  My enjoyment came from reading the stories, exploring the cities and artwork.  My expertise in themes, editing, building an audience, etc. was very limited.  While I have improved my skills, it is not my focus.  It is about learning and growing. In 2021, I celebrated a year of blogging (vlogging) with my WordPress Community.  It has been an honor. 

I tell you this because their artistry has become a meaningful part of my psyche – my wellness plan.  In some ways, I have sought to show my appreciation.  I could not have imagined that the pages of people whom I have never met from different spaces and different cultures, would bring a special meaning in my life with words, pictures, and “likes.”

This article, “Crab” or “Lifter,” was first written on November 11, 2019.  Fast forward, in 2022, it still has a special meaning but with a different twist.

Consider this:  Who or what are the “crabs” and “lifters” in your life?  Try this!

  1. Make a “list” or use two cups.
  2. Label  one cup or list “Crabs.”  Label the other cup or list “Lifters”
  3. Listen to https://youtu.be/S3ptRVAOzZY
  4. Place the names (including things) of the “crabs” in one “bucket”
  5. Place the names of “Lifters” in another.

Whatever brings you down, is a “Crab” at this moment in time.  It could be a comment, a thought, an individual, a TV show, etc.

It is important to have a visual aid. You can update. Whenever you experience that negativity in your space; drop it in the “bucket.” Be sure to add the “Lifters.” After a while, you may find that you do not need the visual because you have learned to release the “crabs” and hold on to the “lifters.”

In this season, let us be grateful for the “LIFTERS” that God has given us.  This is why I am very thankful for those special people and things in my bucket.  They lift me up. 

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