My Husband Confessed

Last week, I mentioned to my husband that I had not posted in a while and looking forward to getting something out soon. He didn’t respond. I am not sure how much time passed when he made this confession – “Well, I haven’t really missed your posts. I read your journal.”

Are you kidding me? I couldn’t believe it. These are my private thoughts to my God. It is healing and reflective for me. This man is reading my journal!

“Why would you do that?” I asked. This time he gave me immediate response. “Well, you leave it around, so I figured it must be ok to read.” Before I could express my displeasure, he spoke up and said, “What you are writing in your journal is what people really need to hear.”

I don’t necessarily agree with his observation. However, because of him, I will share one piece this morning on behalf of my husband’s confession. Here it is:

Our Heavenly Father,

I come in the name of Jesus the Christ to give you thanks, first of all. I am grateful for your son, Jesus Christ, who is seated at your right-hand advocating for us, who has made us joint heirs of Yours. I am thankful for another chance to get into your presence. Thank you for your listening ear. Thank you for your enduring love, your mercy and grace. Thank you for the blood of Jesus which cleanses and restores us. Thank you for the position that we have as your children seated with Jesus Christ, Our Saviour. Thank you for peace and joy not according to the world standard but Yours. Thank you for your faithfulness, even when we are not faithful to you. There is no one like You. Thank you Abba, Our Father, for your gracious time in listening to me. You are Jehovah God – the Almighty, Our Creator, Alpha and Omega. You are righteous and just. You are our provider; you are omnipresent, all-sufficient, and divine. All shall come to recognize that “You are Lord of Lords, King of Kings – the Only True God.” At your name, every knee will bow.

I pray the blessings upon your children that we walk in obedience in You. Forgive us, O Lord, for sins we have committed and even those sins unknown to us for truly, we are in need of your mercy. Keep us from the deceitfulness of the enemy. Incline our ears to be in tune with You. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide us this day in your way. All of these blessings, we ask, in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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