An evangelist whom I find to be a serious prayer warrior and a person of faith, shared with me the willingness to “check” the family.  Somethings come by fasting and prayer.  When the family has gone through chaos and confusion, she took extreme measures and took away their “pleasures.”  This was to demonstrate the serious of the matter.  Without warning, she would gather her lock and chain, march toward the refrigerator and lock its door.  “NO ENTRANCE TO THE REFRIGERATOR ALLOWED! We are going to fast and pray until the issue is resolved.” Everyone in the house was barred from the fruits of Dad and Mom’s hard labor until order was restored.  She was willing to turn away from what gave her pleasure – preparing delightful meals for her family – until the family crisis was resolved.  They were on a BREAK – FAST!  The family did not starve, but they certainly did not have access to the abundance of their labor.  Needless to say, the attention that this family gave to fasting and prayer yielded positive results – with thanksgiving

One of the most beautiful times of my day is spent early morning on my patio, watching the rising of the sun.  I look toward the east where the sky is dark; slowly, the sky changes to a light gray.  It continues until there is a BREAK of light!  What occurred is a break between the darkness and light.  A new dawning has occurred. So it is in the natural, it is in the spiritual.  Breakfast is considered the most vital meal of the day.  It nourishes the body; it replenishes after a night of rest.

Servant leaders are called to “BREAK.”  As Servant Leaders, we pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  We do this to allow our natural and spiritual bodies to rest in His comfort; our spirit-man is then renewed. We feel healthier act upon that in a more positive manner.  The benefits of a breaking is comforting.  BREAK-FAST diminishes the cycle of lack and confusion.  It allows us to hear from God; we gain the abundance that God desires for us.

Servant Leaders, let us take seriously our time to “BREAK-FAST.” What pleasure(s) in your life are you willing to do without for a while to hear from Him?  What issue do you desire Him to  resolve? He knows your needs.  Let your request be known. Perhaps you are willing to BREAK-FAST just to give Him thanks. He will appreciate this from you too.  When we continuingly hoard up on God’s blessings without giving Him due reverence – thanksgiving and worship – it is a sign of ungratefulness. He deserves better. Take a meaningful BREAK -FAST.  As a family, individual, church, or nation, break-fast can only yield good things from Him.  When we lose sight of who is all-powerful, we will see the price of lack and confusion.  BREAK- FAST!

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