What He Did in Captivity – Part I

Captivity is defined as a place of confinement, imprisonment, or detention – not a particular place that one chooses for solitude. The opposite of captivity is freedom. If one is held in captivity, one has lost freedom and someone else has been given charge over you. Today, millions are feeling this type of loss in the absence of less freedom to move about, especially in time of this COVID-19 outbreak. For the believer, there is a spiritual optimism that this too will pass. Thus, I bear witness with you that we have a future. Our faith is tested and affirmed through Him.  #COVID19 #captivity #2021

In Captivity – A Right NOW Blessing

One of the most profound things that God did Sunday morning, Palm Sunday, April 5, 2020, was to immediately answer my prayer. In the midst of giving my mother her bath, she began to pass out. Her eyes closed and her body went limp. Right there in the bathroom, I began to call the name of Jesus. I prayed for God to minister to me and order my steps as to how I was to help her; I asked God not to take her from me; allow her to stay with me a little longer. I thought if I called 911, she would more likely be in jeopardy because of COVID-19 conditions.

So many thoughts were racing through my head. “Jesus, Jesus, You know every cell of her body,” I prayed. “I need you now right to be the healer, her physician.” I applied cool water on her neck and forehead.  A few minutes went by.  It seemed longer, but I was able to place her body on the bathroom floor and go outside to get my husband. I asked my husband to help me place her in the recliner (it has a lift) – not the bed. I placed pillows under her feet and reclined her body. All the while, I was asking God for directions. When she began to respond, I gave her a protein drink and later orange juice. I am no nurse; I am a caregiver. Every instruction was from God, Jehovah Jireh. We needed Jesus, the healer, to act on our behalf. For the next hours, Mom comfortably rested in her recliner. All glory belongs to Him.  Even the more, I can witness to you that God can bless you in captivity right NOW.  If you need a right NOW blessing, don’t be afraid to put your trust in Him.

Your captive situation will look different than mine; but in a season of imprisonment, detention, incarceration, confinement, or internment, we still need the same Jesus. God is here.  In captivity, we must seek Him even the more.

I encourage you to seek Him for freedom from a captive mind, body or soul. Believers are not subject to captive situations. Captive situations are subject under His authority (Hebrews 2:8).

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