Shut Out – Pushed Down – Lift Up

One of the things that I have learned as a caregiver is the danger of shutout. It is an emotional depression that leads to physical harm.  Most theologists agree that God created us because He was lonely, for fellowship.  Our make-up is to be around people.  Feeling isolated is an inner pain.

Spiritually, I am on a journey to be a better me as you are.  My book, which belongs to God,  “Servant Leadership NOW,” was birthed out of isolation.  The book was completed during a time when I felt so isolated from my normal routine.  As a minister of Jesus Christ, not to be able to physically be in the house of God, felt wrong. Since that moment in time, I have come to not just preach but experience, “We are the global church not the physical building.”

The story of the woman with the issue of blood is an example of someone who was shut out of society because of her physical condition.  Matthew, Mark and Luke record this story (Matthew 9:18-26,Mark 5:22-43,Luke 8:41-56). As a society, we shut out people culturally, socially, physically, and economically.    But more importantly, many of our churches, which are to be the welcoming stations, have done an extraordinary job of shutting out people as well.  To the church’s detriment, many have shut out Jesus; rather, they base salvation on man’s standard as to whom is deemed worthy in the church.  It can be as simple as giving more time in preparing for events and their causes (i.e., anniversaries, etc.) and much less time seeking out the unsaved.  Such shut outs lead to pushing people downward.

In this environment of cyber church, we are given opportunities to open up incredible avenues to millions. How will we accept the challenge?

I wish to use these opportunities to lift people up by preaching and teaching the availability of Jesus the Christ Lord for all.  In our shut-in, we can reach the shut out for Jesus.   We can be a church of one and reach at least one for Christ.

In closing, it is my prayer that God will continue to show us His view of servant leadership.  I am thankful for His eye on us and His willingness to do so.

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