Did I Ask for This?

II Kings 4:8-37 #didIaskForthis #Elishatheprophet #Shunammitewoman

Much of this scripture tells the story of the encounter of a wealthy woman, identified as the Shunammite woman, and Elisha, a well-known prophet of Israel.    It is suggested by her character that she was a discerning woman for she noticed that the man of God, Elisha, and his servant Gehazi would benefit from a place to stay as they traveled back and forth on their way to mount Carmel, a place of prayer.  With the blessing of her husband, they provided the men of God free shelter.

In the story, Elisha was so blessed by the hospitality of this woman that he inquired how he could return such favor.  Twice, he inquired as how he could be of service. The woman insisted that there was no need of such a favor, demonstrating, a servant’s heart to do for others.

Elisha noticed that her husband (older in years) and the Shunammite woman had no children.  Children were considered a blessing and inheritance to parents.  Elisha prophesied to the woman that she would bare a son child (verses 16-17).  And she conceived at the time he had prophesied.

The story continues in telling how the young child fell sick one day and died (verses 18-28).  She said to her husband, “Send me , I pray thee, one of the young men, and one of the asses, that I may run to the man of God, and come again.”

Over the years, there is much I have gained from this scripture; but the Holy Spirit led me to verse 28.  where she said to the man of God, “Did I desire a son of my Lord? Did I not say, Do not deceive me.” In other words, she was asking, “Did I ask for this?” 

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that cause us to reflect and wonder if we asked for this.  Whether it is the family, church, or job, you might pause and feel that you did not ask to be in that particular situation. 

I submit that you may have asked for this.  For example, you may have said, “I will.”  On a job, you may have committed to a position and committed to follow through on the assignment – “I will.”

And as a servant of God (i.e., witnesses, pastors, teachers, ministers, entrepreneurs, community developers, advocates, caregivers, parents, etc.), you asked for this. 

When the Shunammite woman accepted to believe by faith, she was placed in a different state. She was a child of God.  It was not her wealthy status that tested her faith. Did she desire God to “upset” the status quo?  Most likely, no.  But God did.

The reason that this verse stood out to me personally was because it made me reflect upon my choices and say, “Did I ask for this?”  The answer is, “Yes, I did ask for this.”  When I was so tired of “running from my call to ministry” and I said to God, “I’m tired.  I give up.  I will do what you want,”… I asked for this.  As His child, you did to. Because it is through our experiences that we gain testimonies about the greatness and goodness of our Lord.  It is to His glory.

No matter the circumstance, like the Shunammite woman, faith in God, will see us through.  There is no problem that He does not already know about and already have the answer to the dilemma.

She ran to the “man of God” and inquired. Today, run to God and admit that you asked for this. “Take the lead, Dear God.”

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