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What I hope we will do together is grow in understanding the concept of servant leadership;  how does God see us as servants who are authorized to lead; and finally, how do we grow as servant leaders.

I believe that we, as servant leaders, are more viable that ever before in this season. 

In fact, a year ago, God allowed me to author some of my concepts in my first book, Servant Leadership NOW: “Stepping Up Your Leadership Call.”  It is available in hardcopy and downloadable platform. You can purchase it directly from my website, bulluckg.com ; Amazon, Lulu.com, as well as major bookstores.  The book is designed to help you participant in learning about servant leadership and share your training experience.

So, expect lots of sharing from Gardenia’s Garden to help you step up your leadership call as a servant leader.  I believe what the bible says that this is a season of power; that the Holy Spirit is here to help, teach, and guide us.  We do not walk through this garden alone. 

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