A Leader Has a Vison – a Plan

Time to revisit in the season of Lent.

Revisiting Kendra’s vision from God took a ten-year quest as a reminder that God will do it what He says.

Revisited March 10, 2022

Only a month before the pandemic, at the Servant Leadership Conference, I heard my daughter declare, eight years after a special vision, “Just because God told you to write the vision, it does not
mean that you are the only one to carry out the vision; for God will provide
the resources for His vision because it is His plan.”

As a leader following His directions, He has given us the vision and conviction for the mission; He will inspire and give you the power and energy to accomplish it.”

It is a good time to reflect. Where are you in your spiritual wellness plan? The most important plan you should consider is your spiritual plan.

Kendra’s vision from God took a ten-year quest.

As you listen to the music, rethink your plan. Write the vision. Remember, it does not mean you carry out the vision alone. Pray that God releases the right resources at the right time for His vision for you.

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