Dear God, Thank You

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Dear God,

Thank you.  I simply want to say “thank you” for every blessing.  When I think things over, the tears come down my cheeks.  To think that You have been so faithful even when I was unfaithful, makes me grateful for Your mercy.  In times like these, You continue to show Your presence.  You are always with me.  You placed limitations on the attack of the enemy – You keep my soul.  There hath been no temptation taken me but such as is common to man; for You said that You will not allow me to be tempted above what I am able but that You will provide a way of escape that I may be able to bear it.  Thank You for keeping Your Word. 

Your Spirit fills me with an unspeakable joy that when I have felt sadness, Your Spirit comes over me and remind me that You will never leave me nor forsake me.  That makes me smile through the tears.  You remind me of Your faithfulness in so many ways.  You give me the bread from heaven that I need to nourish my soul.  I am so utterly grateful.

Who can bless me with riches from above? Who can give light in darkness?  Who can breathe life in death?  No one but You.  Only You can bring wisdom and understanding in places of foolishness.  Only You can access and allow Your will to be done. As for me, I am thankful that You lead me beside the still waters; yes, I may walk in the shadow of death, but You strengthen me.  You send Your ministering angels, Your warring angels, and Your guiding angels to my rescue. 

Dear God, “Thank You in the name of Jesus.”

Psalm 71:1-21 – The Reading of God’s Word

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