Virtual Ministry – It is a Need

Virtual Ministry – Yes, here we are – in a ministry that consists of a people who desire to be connected beyond the physical structure.  Virtual ministry (VM) is an opportunity of honor to spread the gospel to the world and promote ministry for a multi-facet people.  More and more we see a need to promote virtual ministry. #virtualministry #waystominister

Why is there a need?

  • Flexible schedules – Virtual Ministry (VM) addresses flexible schedules of large groups of people due to work, family, school, etc.
  • Homebound individuals – This list includes caregivers. It also includes the physically disabled, economically disadvantaged, emotionally handicapped, environmentally handicapped, abused populations, lonely individuals, etc. who are unable to connect physically within the four walls; yet, they desire to be spiritually fed.
  • Society Demands – We live in a society of people who demands to know more about the complexity of Christianity. Many are hungry for answers concerning religious ideology. For some, their curiosity have led them to seek answers in “dark” places. With the availability of technology, VM can help teach and grow The Truth – what it means to be Christ-like; not what men teach, but what Christ teaches.
  • Not New – Contrary to what some believe, VM is not new. It has been delivered by more well-known pastors and high-profile speakers through the use of different media: i.e., books, television, conferences, which are out of reach for most ministries and working people.

Thus, this is a time to elevate VM. What an opportunity to grow and enhance your ministry to a global world.

One such ministry (which has caught my interest) for the VM vision is Friendship Baptist of Charlotte, NC. Led by Dr. Clifford Jones, their theme has been for years: “Servants Affirming God’s Word Globally.” I have been blessed by their invitation to engage with people from different States in Sunday and weekly services. The ministry have grown through virtual membership.

I have also spoken with other pastors (including my brother) who are connecting with former members of their churches through VM. VM is not replacing their ministries, but rather empowering their ministries. It is a virtual reality of our times.

For those who fear VM, we invite you to have an open mind. Statics show that churches were losing membership prior to Covid-19 for various reasons i.e.,

  • I was not being spiritually fed.
  • The ministry was too large. I desire more intimacy in fellowshipping with others.
  • There is a lack of teaching and modeling of Jesus the Christ; ministry teaching is tailored to man-made goals.
  • Personal conflicts.

VM is an opportunity to engage with a multi-culture, multi-faceted people. It is an opportunity to acquire the skills as a leader to do so.

In an upcoming blog, we will examine how VM can flourish in small-medium ministries.

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