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The reality of most Protestant congregations, in the United States, they are comprised of less than 200 members. Only about 10% of congregations have over 500 members. It is true that both types of congregations are searching for creative ways though virtual resources to connect and spread the Gospel. Many are looking for ways of connecting Sunday Schools, children’s and youth ministries to make a powerful ministry impact. 

Let’s think about some of the more less expensive ways virtual ministry is expanding:

  • The Conference Call – The conference call is a way to connect without having access to internet or fear of using internet. Many congregants are choosing to connect with parishioners via the free conference call service. This gives members audio access to services.  However, this can be a disadvantage for some because there are some cell phone carriers which charge their customers per minute for this type of connection. 
  • The Dial-in  Service – Again this is a convenient method for those who do not have access to internet. Many have found while seniors may not have internet, this is a way to allow our seniors to dial in and hear the service. This method requires a dedicated line for connecting directly. Your congregants will have access to tune in for all meetings. Normally, no call time limits apply.  
  • Facebook Livestream– Thanks to my technological literate grandchildren, I have learned how to connect a HDMI cable, computer, and Smart TV to view Facebook Live services. For those who have Facebook, they can sign-in to their account and view your services live. Many ministries are joining Facebook for this reason. Facebook Live is a live video streaming feature of Facebook that allows you to broadcast a live video out to your audience, It is a way to market to others. During this pandemic and even beyond, our family will be able to sign-in to Facebook and view services from all over.
  • YouTube Livestream – This is a feature offered by Google. YouTube Livestream give ministries an inexpensive way to spread the Gospel.  For example, my internet provider, Comcast, gives me access to my YouTube  application via my Smart TV.  This allows me to watch using wireless feature and my SMART TV without connecting to my computer.
  • Vimeo  – Why not create videos offline and then upload your files? Like Google, Vimeo software can create videos offline and then upload videos.  Vimeo allows you to choose your plan based on your budget.
  • Let’s talk Zoom Webinar – Zoom, like Goggle, is a creative way to schedule meetings and services. It requires a host for your event. interact Zoom A meeting is a Zoom event where one person is the host and all other participants have equal footing. The host can share hosting responsibilities with other participants.

Feel free to comment and share your feedback and ideas to make us reach others as a global force.  Connect and network!

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