Considerations About Grants


Dear Servant Leaders,

I am sharing with you because I still receive inquiries about grant-writing. Plus, in this time of pandemic, many are looking for ways to expand their interests. This is what I have to say.

We want to help our communities.  We want to use our skill sets to bless others. That is wonderful.  You are to be admired. Our ideals are many and vary.  The needs are great.  As one who shares your enthusiasm, I hope you will consider hiring a good attorney and accountant.

Based on my personal experiences, a good attorney is a must. In the past, I have written educational grants for teachers and schools as well as a small business owner.  It is rewarding to receive funding. It is hardly ever all the funds that you need, so be prepared to continue looking for other venues as you implement a program.

As an educator/grantee, my grants went through a process determined by the school district. The district’s review process included examination by its legal department before approval for submitting.

As an entrepreneur, I learned how much a good attorney could have assisted me upfront. It could have saved thousands of dollars beforehand.  Having a good attorney to filter through the jargon would have been useful – upfront.

Remember, the government has its attorneys.  They have assessed the legal requirements regarding lending tax-payers’ money.  They are obligated to the taxpayer and not you.  Therefore, accountability through the process of audits will occur.

So, as much as you desire to get that grant, do your research.  I have found that people most often seek grant-writers without considering the value of a good attorney and accountant. Thus, being able to share with you about the joys, successes, and countless hours, makes retirement even better. While it is rewarding, it is exhausting work to really implement a well-planned program.

Be blessed in your endeavors,

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