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With so much happening with our families, communities, businesses, churches, and government…we must support another.  I want to keep those in my community circle of  friends, Facebook, WordPress, Mailchimp, and other social networks informed about information that I receive that may be of interest.  Hopefully, this helps strengthen our resolve that we are not alone – working together could help someone in your community outreach. 

Check out  this notice from “FEMA for grants.”  Do not be afraid to contact FEMA and ask questions.  I have found that they will guide you to the right persons or department for clarity.  Most of their programs are geared toward community efforts.

How to Get a Grant

Each grant has different eligibility requirements and application process.

  1. Find a grant that meets your need or supports your project.
  2. Read through the eligibility requirements and application process.
  3. If the grant has a cost share with the applicant or recipient, evaluate if you can afford it.
  4. Determine your applicant type. (ex. state or non-state, applicant or sub-applicant)
  5. Complete a benefit-cost analysis, if needed.
  6. Submit application.

Don’t forget when you think about grants, figure in the cost of legal and accounting fees.

FEMA Grants |

Types of Grants

Grants and government funding can feel overwhelming while trying to find the right program for you or your organization. Please take the time to read through eligibility and use FEMA’s guidance and tools to help.

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