As Much As Things Change

Yes, As Much As Things Change

Somethings…Remain the Same

Matters of the Heart Remain the Same

The Heart Matter is Different than Any Other Condition

Seasoning Food is Less Difficult than Seasoning of the Heart

Seasoning the heart is possible…if you desire seasoning of love.

See Me through Love

Do You See Me?

Do You See Me?

Do You Choose to See Me?

Do You See Me?

I Aspire to Live My Life In Goodness to All

And Lead with Love, Honor and Respect Toward All

See Me Through the Eyes of Love

Solution: The Love of Christ and Humanity Toward All

Pictures are the work of:

  • Aiony Haust, Erik Lucatero, Michelen Studios
  • Ana Itonishvili, Note Thanun, Quino Al
  • Alex Iby, Quino Al, Quintin McRae
  • Annie Spratt, Sam Balye, Sudhith Xavier
  • Bertin Paquin, Uriel Soberance, Yoann Siloine
  • Bishop J. Salisbury, Yogendra, Dusan Jovic

Copyrights applied to certain pictures in this gallery.

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