Pass Over

If you are feeling an unusual amount of stress/pressure in these days, you are not alone. Whether you are celebrating the Lord’s Passover or Holy Week, it is a time of reflection and celebration as God’s child. Why are you feeling under attack?

You are going through extraordinary ordeals because the enemy desires our demise.  He wants to change our focus on what we are going through rather than a focus on the One who can take us through. You can tell the enemy right now “Satan, you will not rob me of my treasure, or my mind.”

During this season, we celebrate our Passover Lamb Jesus; it is upon us as Servant Leaders, as God’s children, to support one another as the family of God. Whether we are gathering virtually or face-to-face, we must take available opportunities to lift Him up and celebrate.

In Exodus 12:1-4 (The Living Bible) says, “Then the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, “From now on, this month will be the first and most important of the entire year.  Annually, on the tenth day of this month (announce this to all the people of Israel) each family shall get a lamb (or, if a family is small, let it share the lamb with another small family in the neighborhood; whether to share in this way depends on the size of the families).” 

The fifth verse of this scripture says, “This animal shall be a year-old male, either a sheep or a goat, without any defects.”  As Christians, we celebrate Jesus as our Passover Lamb, who was without any defects.

In this moment, you must choose to celebrate the Passover Lamb.  Whatever you are going through, it will pass over.  That is the promise of God. Just as He prepared the children of Israel for Passover, He will prepare us to “pass over that thing; pass over your mountain; pass over troubled waters; you will not drown.  Why?  Because he will leave the 99 to recover the one lost sheep.  He is the Good Shepherd; the Great Shepherd who is willing to help you will pass over rocky roads and lay down in green pastures, by the still water.

God gave Moses and Aaron this instruction for the children of Israel; He said, in verse 11, “Eat in your traveling clothes wearing your walking shoes and carrying your walking sticks in your hands; eat it hurriedly. 

He is saying to you, “Eat in your traveling shoes because you are not going to stay in this situation.  You can burn the leftovers from today because you will eat anew tomorrow.  I am preparing you for a long journey.  Your shoes will not wear out.  Provision will be made for your journey. I am going to pass over the land of Egypt on your behalf.  I will execute judgment by the blood of the Lamb.”

flying seagull about to land

Do not turn to the left nor to the right but look up to Him. Do not think more on the problem than the problem solver. Stay the course and PASSOVER!

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