“And Now Lord, What do I Wait For?”

“And now Lord, what do I wait for?”  This was one of the questions asked by Job to the Lord.

Job 5:8-16 Click to hear audio

My hope is in you (Job 39:7 NKJV). Yet, what good is this hope when we see evil?

Job’s physical affliction, emotional depression, and personal loss was so great that he spoke and said, “May the day perish on which I was born and the night in which it was said, a male child is conceived,” (Job 3:1).  The weight was so heavy for him, but there came a moment that Job reminded himself that his hope was in the Lord.

As a Servant Leader of God, when you see evil, do we not ask questions? Do we not receive questions from others? In these times, we are called upon to stir up that gift in us to do good because of hope.  Not that this is easy; but, it is that our God is that Great and He is able to carry the weight.

Moreover, as humans, when we experience such weight, we should be willing vessels to help in sharing and carrying the load.  How can we share “weight” in times like these?

Although, we are heart-broken by the evils in this world, when we become faithful servants of His kingdom, we are not lost. We have been told of precursors concerning evil. That is why Job’s friends and wife had difficulty in moving Job out of his stance, his position on his faith in God. Job reminded them of the promise of God of a righteous man would live forever – beyond his present earthly condition.

We are indebted to speak of this hope, like Job. It is true that such things as depression, insomnia, and hopelessness continue to lead many people to perpetuate atrocities; but, they commit these evils in the name of the evil one. Evil is not God’s way; He desires that all would be saved; but most will go their own way. Still, there are those who are yet to come into the Kingdom and need us to speak of a hope that He gave His only begotten Son that we might live. We must speak of a hope whereby placing our burdens upon Him will heal the spirit and the soul. We must preach, as Job did, that He desires that we lean on Him and not to our own understanding because He knows our weaknesses and He desires to save us from our own selves. Like Job, we must attest that no matter the physical, emotional, or personal losses, God wants us to continue to witness and share in a hope of grace, mercy, goodness and faithfulness.

You, Servant Leader, have been called to serve your fellow mankind, in these times.  Jesus served out of love and commitment to the Father.  As His child, I pray that we operate in that type of love and commitment for doing good.  In these times, hope in the Lord is needed. Regardless of what we see and hear, like Job, we will hope.

“And Now Lord, what do I wait for?”

Our hope is in the Lord (Job 39:7 NKJV).


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