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If God did not know you were up to the challenge, He would not have chosen you! Let’s revisit this thought. I continue to pass these words on to those whom I have felt compelled to share with in times of challenges.

There are a number of reasons that we can point out for not moving forward when challenged in leadership; and yes, they sound reasonable at first thought. After all, if you have kept your head on straight, maintained a low profile, or maybe you are feeling that your way has worked well for you and you are asking why should I “rock the boat” or “make waves.”

Still, I would like to point out that this does not mean you are grounded and you are not hurting by challenges in leading; nor does it mean that you are going to escape further pain and more challenges in operating this way. It does, on the other hand, suggests that you maybe afraid of the possibility of being successful. My maternal grandmother used to say, “If you are already down to the ground, then the only way is up.

Challenges and failures are a part of good success. I am sure you have heard this before. However, hearing it is one matter, but, moving on it, is quite another. Overlooking challenges and “burying your head in the sand” will not help you; it will only hinder your process. Remember, whatever someone else thought about your leadership skills, chances are that you were already ahead of them and thought that first. To that, you definitely will not take God by surprise.

So, figure out the priority. Does your challenge call for time, people, finance, and so forth. The answer to challenges is moving forward with a plan.

First, acknowledge that there exist challenges in any leadership. For example, you will be challenged by people, especially those who you thought would be there for you; Unfortunately, for whatever the reason, that person or persons are now gone. Feeling loss, confused, or feeling abandoned can be temporary. Leadership can be lonely.

Second, there are demands in leadership. Effective leadership demands your time. But remember, time belongs to God. Every second, every minute, every hour, every day – all belongs to Him.

Remember, to everything, there is a season. If we operate out of season, we will not harvest all that is intended for us. When we allow God to control our time, we feel accomplished and complete. When we allow others to take control of our time, we feel overwhelmed. God wants us to allow Him to be the time manager. Developing a schedule of how to mange projects, modifying as needed, and seeking additional support, will give you more time for reflection and rest. Build in rest and family time no matter the demands of time. Time should not manage you – you should manage time.

Third, in leadership, there is always the challenge of decision-making. Gathering good resources will help you make good decisions. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Surrounding yourself with a good team is imperative in decision-making. Not “yes” people. People who are willing to challenge you to get the best results from you, are the type of people you want to include and keep in your circle to accomplish the goal.

So, develop the art of listening – I mean truly listen. Analyze the pros and cons that you seek out. King Solomon was known for making great decisions. He recognized as a young King that He needed wisdom from God. He sought God for wisdom; He will place the right people in the right place at the right time for your success.

Fourth, leadership calls for repentance and forgiveness. This can be challenging. Moving ahead without repairing the breach can cause more problematic situations. It could weaken the foundation of your leadership. We are not infallible as leaders. We make mistakes; we sin and come short of His glory. When we do wrong, we must repent of wrongdoing. Godly leaders must not be unwilling to say “I am sorry” and ask forgiveness. When we do this, it will limit future regrets in leadership and excuses.

Fifth, the lack of resources, is a great challenge. So is, the misuse of resources. Knowing who, when, how, why, and what you need for making decisions and leading is always necessary. For instance, not being willing to embrace change for the best result is an example of a lack of resource in your organization. Being stuck on the idea because it is your idea could trigger a misuse of resources.

Resources go beyond finance. Maintaining a contact list or developing relationships that support your ideals, are types of resources for your endeavors. While it is true that believers know, “The world is His and the fullness thereof, ” if you do not know where in the world you need to go for your resources, the plan could be delayed if not abandoned.

Finally, there is the challenge of ME – the fear to step up your leadership. You are in good company. This trait, hopefully, will lead you to push forward on all of the above. You are wonderfully made for this type of leadership. The believer knows what The Creator has said to the people of Israel in their struggles to go forth and made great mistakes, “I know the plans I have for you…. Plans to prosper you.” The challenge(s) are meant to propel you toward your success.

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