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It is Tuesday, July 6, 2021, NOT just another day for a new dawning awakes us again. I try to set aside Tuesdays as “MT” for catching up on unread blog posts. Even if I do not get to comment on all, I think of this as special writings for us. I refer to this part of my schedule as my “Tuesday Treat for Me Time (MT).”

Even more so, I refer to myself as a new blogger. I love to browse through the pages of my literary community – those writers I follow. Their work allows me to feel a sense of pleasure about the world – to connect to that which I know; that which I know very little about, and that which I do not know.  As a learner, I am enlightened by the pictures, news, scriptures, and everyday thoughts that spring up from the pages. 

What I love the most is how they view the world as a place of exploration, good or bad – they seek beauty among ashes.  Take for instance, I walked through the streets of Phyllis with Brian (Travel Between the Pages), this morning, glazing up at the different bridges over the canals, and carefully walked through the streets as not to stumble over some uneven piece of pavement.

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As if Cindy, Rebecca, and Kim heard my morning prayer, I smiled at how their thoughts were intertwined with my own.  Michael’s (Newberry) artwork was as if he had been a part of and described my conversations in the last weeks about “Trauma.”

I contemplated over my morning scripture, Philippians 2:5 (NIV) that read, “In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus.” As I mulled over my now warm coffee, I felt a sense of thanksgiving for the community of people (my prayer group and online WordPress literary community) who had already been a part of my mindset – all this before 8:00 A.M!

I felt at peace even as the dark clouds still hovered over – praying for our neighbors, rescue workers, and leaders at Surfside – hoping that they feel a sense of “hope” even among the loss. Yes, not only did I feel a sense of gratitude, but there was also a sense of compassion for those who are absence of this type of community.  When the world seems to “cloud in” there are those who continue to feel a type of “lost” to the point of suicide. It is because they have lost hope.

If only they felt like Mary Grace noted in her writings of “The Worth of Early Works.” Perhaps, if they were able to embrace the past – they too could hold on to the scribbles and appreciate the mistakes that were meant to be learning pieces and not barriers.

For this moment in time, I felt the urge to yell, “Thank God, I have not lost my mind!”

In this season, I do not want to be complacent and just say how difficult things seem to be in the world, but, through Christ, I desire to rise as in Philippians 2:5 to help someone else, to have the mindset of Jesus the Christ.  It might be through a simple prayer, a writing, a scripture, a memory, a song, a donation, a listening ear, a preached Word – whatever my hands find to do (that my mind will lead) to help strengthen a brother or sister – it is part of the journey I have been chosen to be a part of – travel between the pages (Thank you, Michael).

In the coming week, there will a poem written by Adeleke to inspire and make us reflect; I will reread a writing piece from the wisdom of Dr. Eric Perry, and others who challenge my thoughts – all of these things help sharpened the mindset. As a blogger (a new blogger), I hope I never loose the joy and peace of simple, everyday things that God sends our way to keep our minds as refreshing as the waters.

Renew in me, Oh God, each day, your spirit afresh for a new day’s journey.

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