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Based on a novel, a popular film was made, called “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” For this summer, a few of us are on the “treadmill” in helping others in this post-pandemic (especially young people) who are going through traumatic times. I am committed to the work/training of providing a safe space. I accept the challenge of being well (in all areas) because well people can be most effective in helping others (Physician, heal thyself). So…

July 23, 2021

With that being said,  as part of my wellness focus (spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, etc.), my thoughts began with this is a “Fabulous Friday,” I am here and I am a winner; I am a blessing and I choose to bless someone else today. How is that for psychological thoughts? Not too deep, huh? Still, you and I know the importance of our thoughts – our mindset.

Physical Challenge (From thought to action)

Today, my journaling starts as a physical one. Yes, I said it right. This is my “Fabulous Friday Physical Journal.” I tuned in to my Silver Sneakers virtual class. I am in the beginning session, but I felt the burn. I am just returning to class and some of the stretching exercises felt brutal to the bones.

As we picked up the pace, I felt the challenge even more. It was what Stephanie (our instructor) said that put me at ease. Her words made me relax and breathe. Paraphrasing, she said, “If you are not feeling challenged, then you are in the wrong class. I want you in my next level session.” Thus, I share this thought with you…

“If it is too easy, then you are working below your potential.”

Breathe as you stretch

“I know it sounds easy; I know it looks easy.”


Stephanie recognized that our emotional thoughts transcended to our physical challenge and success.

As a servant leader, sometimes I just feel that “burn.” As a caregiver, I am called to ‘STRETCH.” Like many people, there are times we feel as if things are heavier than we care to admit. We tend to think of ourselves as useful so we must be supercharged. For instance, everyday, I must support my Mother with her physical and emotional challenges. No matter the “wear and tear” I feel, she needs me more, I think. Mostly, I am so thankful that she is here. Everyday that she and I wake up, it is a blessing. The thought of my not being able to kiss and hug her is more tedious than helping her with everyday routines. The thought that one day I may not have this opportunity is the most dreadful one of all. So…


Finding solace in Chapter 3 John 1:2, “Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.” So, finding scriptural meaning behind all of the “woos” gives me that inner strength. As I shared before, that supercharge comes from people like you as part of my special, God-given circle, who is providing meaningful thoughts for such a time as this. This type of sharing and caring promotes health and wellness.

This Summer, This Moment in Time – To Your Health

I choose to bless you and say “Thank You” with this little video. A “thank you” is healing for the soul; “thank you” is a reminder that it could have been me who feels lost. As a global community, have seemingly lost sight of what is best for another, I find that it is still a summertime of healing and refreshing so that we can be well.

This summer, Althea, a past co-worker, has continuedly uploaded these beautiful pictures from her garden. She is spreading beauty and joy to us in ways that she may not even be aware of. These flowers bless this flower Gardenia. With kindness, I share them with you to say, “Thank You.” So, I know what she is doing this summer to maintain a place of wellness and I hope it blesses you.

I do not know what next summer will bring, but for this summer, I pray that you will be well in all areas of your life. I pray that you stretch and breathe in these moments for your mind, body and soul. Even if you feel the burn, it means that you are moving forward, reaching for the next level. I hope, in your reflection, that you look back and remember this summer with love and joy – because you stretched forward and did not give up.

“Beautiful flowers are an example of how adding simple things to another’s life can mean so much for wellness.”

“Safe Space” to you.

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