Marking One Year This Month of Blogging

One year ago, I officially started blogging ( July 2020). It was a way to share outside of the four walls. We were, of course, in the clutches of COVID-19. I was already a blog reader, but navigating sites and understanding the WordPress language was a bit challenging. I tuned into the free WordPress courses for support. The Happiness Engineers were always available to help me with questions. I am still learning, of course. As WordPress adds and grow, I am spreading my wings too. For two years, I have been following specific persons who have provided technical and mental support that allows me to “stretch my mind and build bridges globally.” This has been amazing. I am grateful for those whom God has given to me during this season.

A year into this world of blogging and now podcasting, this “old girl” is still learning new tricks. I don’t blog everyday (as a caregiver, my Mom takes priority); however, I am committed to my WP goal as a reader. So, I am “traveling through the blogging pages. I don’t have to concern myself with crowded roadways; but take in the sights with some of the most beautiful people I have virtually met.

Psychologically, one of the most helpful bloggers who have been significant from the very beginning of my journey has been Dr. Eric Perry. For example, this particular blog reminds me to stay focused on my journey: Choose Your Attitude Don’t Let It Choose You | Dr. Eric Perry (

As this month comes to a close, I want to share with you those who continue to make a difference in my blogging community. Even if you do not have the time to explore in this one setting, you can always return. It is here for you as you blog and learn too.

Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me This Year and How

I hope by now you have an ideal of what my experience has been like in the last year and why I celebrate it. I am looking forward for another year with my blogging community. They have kept me in the loop and for that I am grateful.

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