My Dear Grandson

From #Gardenia’s Garden Podcast – From Proverbial Nana

#DappyTKeys stirs my spirit while I am in my garden. Thank you, Tim.

August 2021

My Dear Grandson,

I thought you needed to know what I love about you.  Yes, it is true that Nana loves because you are part of me, my legacy, but there are reasons beyond that, which makes it easier to love you.  I love you for the person you are.

I watch you grow from a baby into the young man you are.  I am proud to say to anyone that you are my grandson.

You are genuine.  You are truthful about your limitations and challenges; and you fight to overcome them.  You are touched by the things that you see happening around you because you care about others.  Your caring has made a difference in some of our most difficult challenges as a family. 

You are a humble person; you are NOT arrogant. God requires that of us – to show humanity towards one another. God calls it humility.   You set an example as one who learns from mistakes and grow.

I listen  when you speak of your goals – yes, the importance of a vision.  You are realistic.  “Yes, For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

I admire your courage.  You have the fortitude of a soldier and the strength of a wise leader.  You take risks for the good of a situation.

I admire how you do not hold grudges; how you have given consolation to others who have made mistakes and encourage them to not give up.

You are not afraid of your share of responsibilities; rather you view it as a part of moving toward your vision.

I have watched you graciously accept rewards for academics and sports and be just as excited in the success of others.

I pray that God continues to help you use your gifts and talents, give you clear directions in your decision-making for the good of serving for the kingdom.  I pray God’s grace and mercy continuingly be granted towards you; I pray that you use the power and authority of God in your position(s) in life to always be a blessing for your development and others.

May you always cooperate with the Holy Spirit to lead you.  This will please The Father.

And finally, my dear grandson, I l pray that you will continue to act with wisdom and obedience to God, as a servant leader, giving God all the glory.

With my love,

Your Proverbial Nana.

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