When You Are Tested

Will #servantleaders support another #servantleader to stand their test?

“You are gutless, weak!” shouted the Official.  “You will get nothing from me.”  Acen, taken back, by the official’s harsh words, replied, “No, sir.  I am not weak.  But my children, my family, it is true that they need the food.  I need the money.  If I do as you ask, what will they learn?  The money to buy food will help our most dire situation. Yes, in this very moment, I need the help.  Today and tomorrow, I will have those needs for my family because those things are temporary. But, my integrity, their integrity must last a lifetime.”

When he returned home, he explained to his family, “I cannot, in good faith, do as he ask.  For the Lord, watches over us.  He will help us find another way.”

This is the story of one man who stood up to a bully, an official of deceit, dishonor, and untruths.
This story also mirrors the story of Jesus in the wilderness.  In Luke 4:1-13, Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, was led into the desert where for forty days he was tempted by the devil.  Jesus ate nothing during those days, and he was hungry.  He had a physical need.  He was tested. 

The devil came to Jesus and tempted him on three different occasions while Jesus was hungry and the devil said to him, “If you are the Son of God, then…..you should do these things as proof of who you are.
First of all, Jesus knows who he is at all times.  Jesus understood that he was not on the enemy’s agenda, but He was on God’s agenda.  And when the time was right, God saw that Jesus prevailed.

The enemy seeks to destroy you.  Even though the official saw the need of the man and his family and he was in a position to help; the official chose to say, “Only if you do this thing evil thing for me. Prove to me that you are on my side.”

When you are tested, how will you stand?
This man chose to do good and not compromise his integrity, his faith.

There are many stories in the Bible of such evil doing among officials.  Take, for instance, Jezebel, who wrote letters to make demands to hurt the people (1 Kings). She hated those who trusted in God; especially Elijah the prophet, who spoke against her evil.

Jehoshaphat the King of Judah

He understood the value of trusting in the Lord (1 Kings 22).  When he was asked by the king of Ahab of Israel to fight with them against Syria, King Jehoshaphat, insisted that he must hear from the Lord’s prophet, not the “pleased to say what you want to hear prophets” of Ahab. Micaiah, the Lord’s prophet, let it be known to them, “Whatever the Lord says, I will speak.”  In other words, it will not be what you may desire to hear, but I will speak the Lord’s truth.  This is an example of a test.

Will you speak truth to power?  Will you pass the test?

How will you stand?

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