A Leader Must Revamp!

Post – COVID – Update the Plan – You are still in God’s Eyesight

Yes, a #servantleader has a vision – a plan; but plans are meant to be revised.

Post-COVID, we are in need of updated strategies. Where are you in your spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness plans? Like most people, perhaps you are excited that things are reopening since the pandemic. Yes, relax! Do not panic. You still see the physical world through a series of chaos. However, it your spiritual plan that will guide you to move with a focus in every area of your life. It still is important that you revisit how re-assessment leads to restoration, and discovery.

Re-Assessing for His Eyes

First of all, taking an assessment allows you to reflect. You will even see the goodness of the Lord while you are going through this reflection.  You are assured by Him that He has always been there.

It is true that overall assessment is a difficult thing for people.  We find it much easier to assess others through our own human eye. No matter what is going on, society requires evaluation as a building block for growth and meeting goals; a re-assessment is necessary before restoration.

As you look at others in battle, you must still be up for the fight. We have been endowed by Our Creator for greatness in battles. When He evaluates His people, He sees us as a part of His great plan.  You are being restored for another battle. He will give the victory.

PROOF IN THE PUDDING – Gomer’s restoration is a powerful example of how God’s plan, love and promises cannot be quenched by any man. Just because the plan has been modified, does not mean it will not yield a harvest.  Hosea 2:23, “Then I will say to those who were not my people, “You are My people!  And they shall say, “You are my God! He has the power to restore those who are walking in darkness to fight for the Kingdom.

DISCIPLINE YOURSELF FOR THE FIGHT – For some of us, it will require much discipline and re-learning. God loves His people; He chastens (disciplines) His people for His kingdom.  Know that in His restoration plan, whatever we go through in this quarter, it will build our character.  

NEW MERCY FOR THE JOURNEY – He gave us new mercy today as a part of the re-assessment process. The fact that God loves us so much that He gives us new mercy each day is a testament of His assessment of His people.  We cannot give up and give out because the battle is tough. IF YOU WERE NOT A WINNER, HE WOULD NOT HAVE GIVEN YOU THIS BATTLE TO FIGHT. However, as a people, we must reciprocate with daily thanksgiving to Him. God allows us to refresh ourselves beside the still waters, basking in His comfort. His daily restoration starts with a replenishing of our soul through thanksgiving.  We must daily repent to receive the blessings of discovery (The Lord’s Prayer).

Discovery for Unusual Plans

In re-assessing your position, you may uncover the unusual; yes, the peculiar thing that will take you to the next level. Remember, God’s leaders often do strange things.  The prophet, Hosea, was an example of doing a strange thing. Instructed by God, Hosea was told to marry a prostitute named Gomer.  Strange, but their marriage taught Hosea the meaning of healing and spiritual restoration. Hosea discovered more about the love of God as the-healer-in-chief and spiritual restoration for His people. You may discover an asset or liability.

Restoration for Others in the Plan

Strangely, things happened in this first quarter (January – March); but, it is the end of this quarter and the start of the next quarter – your next level. For God’s people, especially in strange territories. the steps of godly restoration will continue with the call of daily repentance (everyday) to all.  Why? In repentance, there is a revival of the soul; revival yields a receipt on return. In other words, there is a reciprocation (reward) from God simply because of obedience of repentance. Your repentance and restoration will show others about the power and grace of the Almighty. It is in darkness that He can bring light. Allow God’s Holy Spirit to bring you to a place of appreciating the requirement of re-assessing your life for new discovery and restoration. Who knows who you will bring to a place recovery!


Lent is time of remembering His goodness and what He did for us.

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