Perspective Matters!

June 3, 2022

I had another surgery on June 2, 2022. It is well. I have family, faith, and a desire to fight on. I cannot help but think about life because Perspective Matters in life! That has been my prayer thought recently, “God help me to put things in perspective.”

Over the weeks, He has continued to reveal the blessings from my situation. For example, Mom has transitioned, and I miss caring for her; I miss her.

Before surgery, the doctor asked me how I was doing. “I am putting things in perspective.” You see, I had Mom as my mother for nearly seven decades. This is not so for so many children. I know young children we are praying for who are in elementary, middle, and high school and whose mothers recently transitioned. One, in particular, comes to mind. He is upset with God. He is not in a place of comfort. He is not accepting the words that his mother is in a better place; she died of COVID-19. In his view, God saved others; He could have saved her. This young man is suffering and his perspective matters.

I was in a car accident between my first and second surgery. I experienced no injuries from the accident. Everyone walked away. My car is unrepairable; it was damaged. On the other hand, one of my neighbors was in a car accident. Sadly, I share with you that this young mother was instantly killed. Her car combusted into flames. The husband must now help their two children to understand this situation.

While things are happening that seems out of our control, we must still remember that God is in control and knows how we feel. He understands our hurts, frustration, and cares; it is ok to voice our pain and feelings to Him. Remember the song, “What a Friend…all our griefs and pain, He will share.” He is the consoler who can help us put things in perspective. Even for those, we are praying for, He is waiting for them. He wants to share their pain and suffering to help them increase and not decrease.

This week’s podcast is dedicated to Perspective. Click, listen and share “Perspective.”


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