Today – The Glass is Half-Full

God’s Grace …“Throw guilt and anxiety overboard-draw the anchor-trim the sails-man the rudder-a strong gale [of My Spirit] is coming!” From the pages of Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life

Today, I made a conscious decision to look at the glass as half-full and not as half-empty.  The mindset of half-full will help me to see the possibilities and blessings. 

The songwriter said, “I’m blessed, and I know that I am blessed.” What did he see?

Perhaps he envisioned in that moment, an opportunity to repent; he took advantage of the moment, repented and turned to God so that his sins were forgiven, wiped clean; and thrown out into the sea of forgetfulness.  How about that – a sea called forgetfulness!

Perhaps he saw beyond the natural eye and viewed a place of discernment and in that space, the singer saw hope for his despair.

Perhaps he looked around and saw suffering of others and realized he was exceedingly, abundantly blessed.  He had provision when others did not.  He had shelter when others were experiencing windstorms from tornados and lava from volcanic ash.

What made him emphasize the words “I know I am blessed.”  What made him bellow out these words as if they were the anthem of a believer? Did he see that his glass was half-full?

Today, I will see the glass as half-full of blessings. 

Yes, God has given me an opportunity to fill it will love and support to others beyond myself. In His strength, I will go…

Where I feel empty in places, I can count on Him to fill my cup and let it overflow with gentleness that will please The Father. Today, my glass is half-full waiting to be filled…

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