A Strong Tower

These last months have been challenging with the deaths of several family members and friends, especially Mom. I understand that I am not alone in feeling a sense of loss and at the same time, a longing to see them again. Yes, because they died in Christ, we will see them again. We know that in our lives, we have such experiences. Still, there are times of sadness. Yes, because of the memories, we do smile and feel happiness, too. So, we experience different emotions in our seasons.

During these last months, I have been able to read and appreciate so much from your blogs, especially when I was unable to blog and share. Where God had me, was where I needed to be for a refreshing. It was part of the healing process. It was reflective. It was refreshing! In these times of reflection and refreshing, God has continued to be a strong tower for my strong gales.

mare mosso

I empathize with you. Sometimes, the waves feel so strong that you think they will wipe you out. It is at those times that God, in His infinite care, reminds you that He is your strong tower.

Thus, in this season, I pray that you will find God’s refreshing in times of your strong gales. I pray that His strength for you is so strong that you find no wave, no wind, and no storm can overtake you. It will NOT wipe you out. Instead, it will be a testimony of how strong our faithful God is. You will be able to rest beside the still waters, knowing that God is in control. He has you at all times – in the valley and on the mountaintop.

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