On the Yard Line

In an instant, the world was focused on one of the most dynamic players in the National Football League (NFL) because he collapsed on the field after what many call a “routine” tackle.  The headline, for one paper read “Buffalo Bills’ Damar Hamlin in ‘critical condition’ after collapse on field.” Yes, tragedy can strike at any time, especially in sports and jobs that rely upon power, energy, and stamina.

While I have many prevailing thoughts and takeaways, “On the Yard Line” is one of my observations. I share with you. Click!

According to Maria of Sports Virsa (Top 10 Highest Paying Sports in The World 2022), the most challenging sports in the world ranking as the most difficult sports in the world, i.e.,

  • 1. Boxing
  • 2. American Football
  • 3. Martial Arts
  • 4. Ice Hockey
  • 5. Gymnastics
  • 6. Basketball
  • 7. Soccer
  • 8. Wrestling
  • 9. Ruby
  • 10. Water Polo

Yet, these sports are not the most lucrative or highest paying sports in the world. The highest paying sports in 2022, which includes money from advertisers, were, i.e.

  • 1. Basketball
  • 2. Boxing
  • 3. American Football (NFL)
  • 4. Golf
  • 5. Soccer
  • 6. Tennis
  • 7. Ice Hockey
  • 8. Baseball (MLB)
  • 9. Auto Racing
  • 10. Wrestling (WWE)

Even in biblical or ancient times, onlookers have been entertained; however, the brutality of sports varies. Whether it is from the games of ancient Athens, Greece, or the TV show series, Games of Thrones, the eliminating of opponents have been fueled by the desires of human nature. But greed (the love of money) should not override the safety of those who play the sports. Greed should not override the health of any individual. As fans, we all are accountable to these players; their emotional and academic welfare must be a priority, especially for student athletes.

Yes, tragedy can strike any of us on the field or off the field. It does. However, as fans, I pray that we are more empathetic toward sports players when they ask for our respect in what they are enduring as mere humans. They are not robots or superheroes in movies or games we play. They are husbands, wives, daughters, sons, students, sports fans, and friends; they are human beings who love the game as many of us do. Treat them as such. #damarHamlin, #ToSonsAndGrandsons

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