Ebenezer – The Stone of Help

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Our latest books for sons and grandsons, orchestrated by God, are based on messages of hope.  This hope is based on the help that comes from God.

Recently, the nation saw again, via video, the tragic death of the young man Tyree Nichols.

How can a mother who has birthed a child and now witnesses the brutal abuse of her child by those who took an oath to serve and protect outwardly call for peace, prayer, and forgiveness?  How can this be?

I do not wish to speak on this mother’s behalf, rather, I wish to say that such humility and hope come from within.

The songwriter proclaimed in the title that God is.  I had a car tag made for my vehicle that says, “God Is.” In my time, James Cleveland, along with The Southern California Community Choir, made this a popular song sung by many across the nation. Paraphrasing this tune, it said:

God is the strength of my life.  God is my all and all.  He is my protection, my light in the darkness, my joy in sorrow; God is my today and my tomorrow, He is the joy and strength of my life.  He is able to remove the misery and strife, and He has promised to keep me and never leave me. 

Truly, God is Ebenezer – the stone of help.  There is no other foundation that one can build on and come to stand against the spiritual wickedness and darkness of this world.

The stone of help, Ebenezer, is alive and well.  Ebenezer, the stone of help, will direct your pathway.  The Stone of Help heals and restores.  The Stone of Help, Ebenezer, sits in judgment and brings order.  The Stone of Help knows the seasons and deciphers the times.

God, Ebenezer, has declared that our thoughts are not His thoughts; His ways differ from our ways.  Your reactions to situations will seem unwise to the worldly, but is it not foolishness to the true believer? May the Stone of Help strengthen and preserve your ways.

For you, O Lord, are good and forgiving, abounding in steadfast love to all who call upon you, (Psalm 85:6 ESV).

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