The Painter by Design

Before the sun sets, I desire to paint a picture of your loveliness.  Who but you, are so lovely!  Only Your creation can capture Your loveliness on canvas.

From the Backyard, I get to enjoy the beauty of silence.

G .T.  Bulluck

There is a creative side to each of us – yes, some, more than others.  Each day, we paint a mural of who we are.  We add and subtract to the scene. What will you paint today?

I enjoy the virtual travel of images from Travel Between The Pages as part of my psyche uplift.  It is an opportunity to think and engage in spite of my own limitations. Sometimes, I take pictures of images of my surroundings that capture my thoughts and encourage my spirit.  Additionally, one of my grandsons takes photographing as a serious matter and send me pictures simply for my delight.

Removing Stains!

I am reminded that the author of our faith is a painter.  He saw the images long ago of people who were lost and in need of a Savior.  They were in need of an everlasting substance that would maintain the beauty of creation.

The story is that of in the Garden of Eden.  At the very beginning of creation, the Earth was filled, by the Creator, with everything that humankind needed for a bountiful life.  Mankind, as part of this Designer’s creativity. was given a choice to continue to write upon this canvas.  Because of man’s encounter with the Designer’s enemy, man succumbed to the evil one. Yet, because of the Designer’s love for man, He would not allow the stain to remain forever. The stain of death would be removed by the Designer, Himself. The Painter knew that the stain of sin was so embedded into the grain of creation, that He needed to provide a resource for erasing stains; it would be everlasting.

Although human stains would continuingly be invoked into the canvas of His creation, the stains would wash away because of the perfection and care of the Painter.

What picture will I paint today of the Heavenly Father who showed mercy toward me? Will it be one of gratitude and worship? Will it be worthy of Him, of His faithfulness.

Whatever my hands find to do today, I desire that I paint a picture that honors You. I pray that my leadership will encourage the downtrodden to look to You for guidance and Truth. I pray that my direction moves toward Your path and not my own; it is guided by Your Holy Spirit. I am a painter by Your design; in His name, it is so!

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