The Battle Between Birds and Beasts

Knowing that we are NOT perfect should not keep us from improving and moving toward our destiny – our purpose to serve and lead, with integrity, is in reach.

As a part of this community, we must look for ways to encourage and be encouraged. As such, I am inspired, at times, to share wisdom from my fraternal and maternal grandmothers. This is one of those times. While I cannot tell stories as they did, I hope the podcast message of “Size Does Not Determine Strength” from African folklore will give you,(#servantleader), inspiration on your journey.

We are NOT burden-free as humans. Delight yourself in the story of the ancient birds, who realized that life is burdensome; however, well-prepared for quarrelsome, burdensome seasons can lead to success. Are we as smart as the birds?

photo of an ostrich walking on brown soil
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

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