How is Your Rooster? Part 1

This is a continuation of my part-three series about roosters. Of course, I added the talk version on Spotify.

The thoughts of “rooster mentality” interests me.

I will not give the name of the store; however, one of the most dramatic scenes played out before me was what I call ‘rooster mentality.’ There were three workers near the line that I waited in to pay for my items. One of the workers loudly asked, “Where is Maria?” Without even seeing the name tag, it was obvious that this person because of your demeanor felt in charge and was displaying authority. Maria, which happened to be the cashier in the line which I waited, yelled, “I am right here.” Maria’s cashier light was off because it was broken.

Needless to say, on a return visit to the store, I observed this person’s name tag. The person was a lead-supervisor. The light was still out.

As I observed the situation again, it was evident that the other cashiers were not so comfortable in this person’s presence.

The supervisor’s behavior was counter-productive to the goal – which was to move the line. The supervisor interfered and questioned the cashiers as they worked, i.e., concerning items that had been placed to the side by customers.

It was as if the supervisor needed the cashiers to know who was in charge. How is that for ‘rooster mentality?’

How do roosters strut among us? Why do you need a rooster? Listen and share your thoughts with us. #realwithGardenia

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