God Has Not Boycotted Florida

I know there is a lot of hype about the State of Florida. For many that I have spoken to, especially young people, it is adding to stressful situations. For others, it is inflating to the trauma that people are already experiencing after a pandemic. Some are even holding off decisions about their next family move. This episode is not for everyone because not all are believers. But I share this with you, because we must remember in times as these, there are some things that man cannot control. No matter what any man aims to do, I believe that “God has not boycotted Florida.” Why? The Spirit of Truth bears witness. The sun rises and the sun set, and man has no control over it. Believe that for the resources for your life and the vision that God has given you. It is under God’s control. He sees ALL THINGS! HE KNOWS ALL THINGS! #servantleaders

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