What Type of Servant Am I?

What type of servant am I? This is personal. Click to hear audio version of this article. Background music by DappyTKeys. Sometimes, I literally cry because of the lack of compassion that we, as servants, fail to show others.  I was not always this way. I learned that I need compassion. I am thankful for... Continue Reading →

Talk to Me Simon

I was in the fifth grade (1965) when Sidney Poitier was cast as Simon of Cyrene in “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” directed by George Stevens. The truth is - I do not regard myself as not much of a Simon or a Simonette. Why? The mention of Simon is recorded in the Gospels of Luke... Continue Reading →

A Hand of Hope!

If you are one of those who are looking at extreme circumstances in our world today, and perhaps you are wondering, “Are we going to be, ok?”  You are not alone.  In fact, we need and seek comfort in knowing that it is still well. I want to witness with you and to you at... Continue Reading →

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