How Are You Doing?

Are You OK? There are counselors who are trained to listen. They are trained to be unbiased. God has given this gift to us. It does not mean we do not pray. We pray for our wellness. We desire to be made whole. Sometimes, we just need a listening ear. Unload the baggage! The burden... Continue Reading →

A Leader Must Revamp!

Post - COVID - Update the Plan - You are still in God's Eyesight Yes, a #servantleader has a vision - a plan; but plans are meant to be revised. Post-COVID, we are in need of updated strategies. Where are you in your spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness plans? Like most people, perhaps you are... Continue Reading →


World disasters are all around us. The images are pouring in. We are in a pandemic that cannot be ignored. Those who want mercy must show mercy, according to His Word. Jesus was docile and showed His strength. We pray for those who are strategically placed in corridors (pathways) to show Your strength. Admittedly,... Continue Reading →

When You Are Tested

Will #servantleaders support another #servantleader to stand their test? “You are gutless, weak!” shouted the Official.  “You will get nothing from me.”  Acen, taken back, by the official’s harsh words, replied, “No, sir.  I am not weak.  But my children, my family, it is true that they need the food.  I need the money.  If... Continue Reading →

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