Leadership Choices – Part I

Jake is a leader. He also has a supervisor, Adam. Their department consists of both believers and a few non-believers. Each day, Jake starts his morning with a prayer. He asks for wisdom in his leadership of others; He asks for compassion and strength for leading at home and work. He prays for those whom he leads and those who leads him.

In the past months, Jake has witnessed his immediate supervisor operate with intimidation and untruths. Adam has expressed to Jake that this is the way things are done in the world of business, that is, if you want to get ahead.

Today, Jake and Adam have been asked to meet with Susan, the Department Head. The meeting has been called because of the seriousness of a complaint from a fellow colleague. Jake has been named as a witness in the co-worker’s complaint. Neither Jake nor Adam knows all the details of the complaint. It is a fact-finding investigation.

As a leader, Jake’s choices should be simple. Right?


Your Leadership Appointment

Okay I get it! You are not happy with your calling – your appointment. I can not blame you. Leadership means accountability. Who wants to be accountable! Most people would prefer a carefree, responsible-LESS lifestyle (if there is such a word). It would be just fine with most.

Yet, this is what God wanted for us. He wanted us to accept what He made, enjoy His fellowship and be happy (Genesis 2:4-19). Unfortunately, in spite of free-will, man made a terrible choice which cost him – a price that he could not repay (Genesis 3).

From the beginning, God made man a responsible being (Genesis 2:19-20). Adam named the creatures and things of the earth as God commanded him to do so. Leadership from the beginning was defined by The Creator, God called man to lead in a responsible way. He designed a help mate for such a task (Eve). Man is accountable for his leadership to God.

We are God’s family. In family, there is a hierarchy. There must be an order because God is order. Conforming to disorder can cause devastation – as we saw in Adam and Eve’s surrender to the enemy.

Let your leadership be in response to His grace and mercy. Lead with His direction. Be willing to stop for “red lights.” Heed the warning signs. Wait for the “green light.”

A Leadership Focus

Servant Leaders – Two minutes of your time please!

From one servant leader to other servant leaders – Rev. Gardenia T. Bulluck, Servant Leader

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The Rewards of Servant Leadership NOW

Often times, we tend to speak of a reward system for Christians in terms of eternality.  But there is a reward system for servant leaders that precludes eternality.  It is one that Jesus demonstrated in dealing with mankind and taught his disciples.  It is a reward system of NOW.

In Luke 10:29-37, Jesus responded to the question, “And who is my neighbor?”  Jesus detailed the experience of a certain man who fell among thieves as the man traveled from Jerusalem to Jericho.  The lot of this man could have been fatal had it not been for the kindness of a stranger.  It is interesting how the religious one who was expected to show this injured man kindness passed him by.  But the Samaritan, who according to culture, was not to have anything to do this man, showed him compassion.  At the end of the story, Jesus compels us to, “Go, and do likewise.”

Compassionate servant leaders are rewarded by:

(1) An intrinsic gratification that pleases not themselves but pleases God.

(2) Trust in the Word.  If you love others as yourself, you will eat of the good fruit that only God can give.

(3) Grace.  When you have mercy on others, God demonstrates undeserving favor toward you. You can reap rewards of Servant Leadership NOW!  #servantleadershipnow

The Challenges of Servant Leadership

Servant Leader, if God did not know you were up to the challenge, He would not have chosen you! I was told that in a moment of doubt; so I pass this as a “freebie” to you. There are a number of reasons we can point up to keep ourselves grounded and do not want the challenge of leadership. Whatever someone else thought about your leadership, chances are you thought that first. And we definitely don’t take God by surprise.

While there are many challenges, let’s take a look at a few: demand on your time; decision-making; repentance and forgiveness..

Servant Leadership puts a demand on your time. But time belongs to God. Every second, every minute, every hour, every day – all belongs to Him. To everything there is a season. If we operate out of season, we will not harvest all that is intended for us. When we allow God to control our time, we feel accomplished and complete. When we allow others to take control of our time, we feel overwhelmed. God wants us to be time managers under His direction.

Servant Leadership requires decision-making. King Solomon was known for making great decisions. He recognized as a young King that He needed wisdom from God. God is wisdom. So who should we seek for our decisions? When we fail to LISTEN for His voice, our decisions may cause disaster.

Servant Leadership calls for repentance and forgiveness. We are not infallible. We make mistakes; we sin and come short of His glory; repent of wrongdoing. Leaders must not be unwilling to say “I’m sorry” and ask forgiveness will cause your downfall. God gives us new mercy everyday. We should not take this for granted. Each day is an opportunity to ask God forgiveness of sins (co-mission and omission). “Forgive us of our debts as we forgive our debtors.” If you do not forgive others, He can not forgive you. We must show that kind of forgiveness toward others. That truly explains the need for mercy and grace.

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