The meaning of the word forbid is “to refuse to allow.”  What an action word!  Only six letters and yet it has consequences.  If I can forbid you to do something…. then…  How extraordinary is my power!  If I refuse to allow you to….then…  But what happens if the very thing that I wish to... Continue Reading →

Have you ever had a divine appointment?  Yes, an appointment that changed your thinking or action for the better is a divine appointment. I have had a divine appointment. One of those times happened decades ago. I think about it even now. You see, one of the most delightful people that I had the pleasure... Continue Reading →

Lest we forget in this season – God’s Promise is not slack. This might be a hard truth for you. But, day in and day out, we ARE a reminder of God’s promise, love, humility, grace and mercy. God is love and if you abide in Him then His love will show. Hard to believe... Continue Reading →

This is a continuation of my part-three series about roosters. Of course, I added the talk version on Spotify. The thoughts of "rooster mentality" interests me. I will not give the name of the store; however, one of the most dramatic scenes played out before me was what I call 'rooster mentality.' There were three... Continue Reading →

What Type of Servant Am I?

What type of servant am I? This is personal. Click to hear audio version of this article. Background music by DappyTKeys. Sometimes, I literally cry because of the lack of compassion that we, as servants, fail to show others.  I was not always this way. I learned that I need compassion. I am thankful for... Continue Reading →

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