Fool’s Gold – Part II

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There is an expression “worth your weight in gold.” This saying refers to someone or something that is valuable. How much is your weight in gold?

In ancient times, it was not uncommon for the king to sit in judgement of the people. He had unlimited powers over the lives and conditions of his citizens. His authority was not to be questioned nor amended. Unwillingly or willingly, the people were expected to serve the king. To do otherwise, could cost you your life; even the lives of your family.

Still, there were thousands who rose up in defiance of oppression because they believed that God sets the standard. Their belief was worth their weight in gold to them. Thousands became followers of Jesus the Christ. Thousands were executed because they chose to follow Jesus as their Savior. However, there were those who wanted to profit from Jesus’s teaching. They sought opportunities of leadership in the church and communities for their own self-interest. As it was then, so it is today. Jesus has a position on this type of leadership. They will be reckoned with on his terms. He left these words with us: “then you will begin to say, ‘We ate and drank in Your presence, and You taught in our streets.’ But He will say, ‘I tell you I do not know you, where you are from. Depart from Me, all you workers of iniquity,’ Luke 13: 26-27. They are not worth their weight in gold. They are fool’s gold.

When measured against God’s standard, their value is weighed down by deceitfulness and dishonor. To pass off their standards as that of God’s, is certainly foolishness; It is an abomination!

Personally, what is your weight in gold? Can your leadership be measured as a calling on your life that serves the honor of God? Does your leadership serve those whom God has supplanted in your life? Do you support leadership that operates in lies, venom, jealousy, or self-interest? Do your leaders lift up their distorted actions by suggesting that it is based on the Word of God? Is their leadership fool’s gold?

While you are concerned by your own leadership, you must be aware of those who lead you. Servant leaders can not allow their leadership to be tainted by fool’s gold. As a leader, it is your responsibility to examine ” Is my leadership worth the weight in gold?

Don’t Wing This One

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One of the many definitions of the word “wing” is to guide, soar, or travel.  “To wing it” means to improvise;to do something without proper preparation.  Admittedly, there are times that we have sought to “wing it” when we have to do something difficult — like make a speech.  But, in this moment, I caution you to NOT WING THIS ONE!

You have been called to this mission because it takes a person with purpose and who do not mind the hard work that it takes to complete the task.  That is you!  If the task was easy, then you would not have been chosen.  The task you are undertaking at this moment in your life is because it is monstrous.  “Large” people are given large jobs! Why would you ask a person weighing 25 pounds to pick up an object weighing 125 pounds. 

Load up your arsenal to fight the good fight of truth and dedication.  You must strategize; call for re-enforcement; gather the resources you need. Remember, God is your source.  He expects you to look to Him throughout the process.   You are hired and commissioned by the Most High.  Represent Him well.  Your task is too important to “wing it!”


Are You Leading or Taking a Walk?

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“Are you leading a parade or taking a walk?  This was just one of many statements that John Check proposed for food-for-thought.  Several points were expressed between these two community leaders as T. J. Walker, III sat for an interview by John of “Check It Out” (broadcasted by WHIG TV, a local community station in Rocky Mount, NC).  As an observer, I was inspired by:

  1. Old School versus New School – John is quite a bit older than T. J.,  yet, there was a mutual respect between two different generations.
  2. The interview agenda featured thoughts about social, racial and gender justice; decision-making; leadership focus; unity; and restoration.  What stood out was how they were able and willing to listen to one other, even if they did not agree in all of these subjects areas.
  3. There was an acknowledgement that leaders must recognize that we all are a work in-process.  Listening is important to leadership. Leading should inspire others to be their best. We should be evolving into what we are meant to do for the greater good.
  4.  Mr. Check emphasized that there is no room for hatred when Christ is in the heart.  This makes the difference in how people evaluate and change in their leadership.  Both Check and Walker are ministers; both look for bridging ways to bring “wholeness and healing” in the community.

For a more in-depth look

The Challenges of Servant Leadership

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Servant Leader, if God did not know you were up to the challenge, He would not have chosen you! I was told that in a moment of doubt; so I pass this as a “freebie” to you. There are a number of reasons we can point up to keep ourselves grounded and do not want the challenge of leadership. Whatever someone else thought about your leadership, chances are you thought that first. And we definitely don’t take God by surprise.

While there are many challenges, let’s take a look at a few: demand on your time; decision-making; repentance and forgiveness..

Servant Leadership puts a demand on your time. But time belongs to God. Every second, every minute, every hour, every day – all belongs to Him. To everything there is a season. If we operate out of season, we will not harvest all that is intended for us. When we allow God to control our time, we feel accomplished and complete. When we allow others to take control of our time, we feel overwhelmed. God wants us to be time managers under His direction.

Servant Leadership requires decision-making. King Solomon was known for making great decisions. He recognized as a young King that He needed wisdom from God. God is wisdom. So who should we seek for our decisions? When we fail to LISTEN for His voice, our decisions may cause disaster.

Servant Leadership calls for repentance and forgiveness. We are not infallible. We make mistakes; we sin and come short of His glory; repent of wrongdoing. Leaders must not be unwilling to say “I’m sorry” and ask forgiveness will cause your downfall. God gives us new mercy everyday. We should not take this for granted. Each day is an opportunity to ask God forgiveness of sins (co-mission and omission). “Forgive us of our debts as we forgive our debtors.” If you do not forgive others, He can not forgive you. We must show that kind of forgiveness toward others. That truly explains the need for mercy and grace.