Getting Ready for the 2021 Thriving & Leading as Servant Leaders Virtual Conference

This is still an exciting time for sharing with other servants of God who aspire to achieve their assignment for the Kingdom of God. As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend," Proverbs 27:17 NKJV. We are sharpening our tools for upcoming conference. Register at for this online conference.... Continue Reading →

Pass Over

If you are feeling an unusual amount of stress/pressure in these days, you are not alone. Whether you are celebrating the Lord’s Passover or Holy Week, it is a time of reflection and celebration as God’s child. Why are you feeling under attack? You are going through extraordinary ordeals because the enemy desires our demise.... Continue Reading →

Considerations About Grants

#servantleaders Dear Servant Leaders, I am sharing with you because I still receive inquiries about grant-writing. Plus, in this time of pandemic, many are looking for ways to expand their interests. This is what I have to say. We want to help our communities.  We want to use our skill sets to bless others. That... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus Relief Options

Let us not forget that sharing information can be valuable. I do not mind sharing if I think you can use the info. #servantleadership This information was taken from the Small Business Administration website on February 5, 2021. Be sure to connect with SBA for updates regarding available funds through the American Relief package for... Continue Reading →

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