Considerations About Grants

#servantleaders Dear Servant Leaders, I am sharing with you because I still receive inquiries about grant-writing. Plus, in this time of pandemic, many are looking for ways to expand their interests. This is what I have to say. We want to help our communities.  We want to use our skill sets to bless others. That... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus Relief Options

Let us not forget that sharing information can be valuable. I do not mind sharing if I think you can use the info. #servantleadership This information was taken from the Small Business Administration website on February 5, 2021. Be sure to connect with SBA for updates regarding available funds through the American Relief package for... Continue Reading →

PPP Funding for Churches and Non-Profits

Although this webinar is presented by the City of Lauderhill, FL, this information is useful in this environment of the pandemic. Please share or refer back to our website for accessing at https: #ppp Note: You can forward this recorded video instead of waiting (about 5:22 for a starting point).

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