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Link to e-resources for inspiring and learning as a community of ministries. We like hearing messages and footnotes for sharing and uplifting people to grow the Kingdom of God.

Where there is great risk, there is great opportunity

Many pastors know their mission statement backward and forward but have not put in the time and energy to get to know the mission field and it is a huge risk; but where there is great risk, there is great opportunity. The better you know your community, the better you can match your programs, ministries and communication. Knowing more can help you be more effective. Sometimes you might think you know your community, but what do you really know? This is why it would be better if members could organize into small groups by their leadership to spend time with their pastor at least once a month. M. Ariste

Special thanks to those who share with us creating methods and sharing ideas for leading, mentoring, ministering, and developing in a social media world for connecting beyond the physical structures.

Christianity Sharing #servantleaders

YouTube has been one way for virtual teaching and learning, especially during shutdown. Subscribe to  Servant Leadership NOW YouTube Channel and you will receive a notice when new videos are uploaded for your teaching, sharing and learning experience or subscribe to our blog. We like to say “CAFE LEARNING” is available from wherever you are.

What is Faith?

Thank you pastors and teachers for sharing.

We live by faith, but what is faith? Hebrews 11:1-3 and 8-16 – Pastor Marsden delivers a strong teaching. As individuals and a community; believers, as a community, exercise our faith as one body. We acknowledge that we do not have all the answers, but we believe anyway. Listen to this teaching.

The Reverend Mike Marsden of Wilson Memorial of United Kingdom – on the borders of Cragentinny and Portobellow areas of Edinburgh – the congregation of the United Free Church of Scotland

#Servant Leadership

Pastor Roderick L. Tillery, Sr. delivers a virtual teaching in two parts. This is Part I narrated from our virtual conference.

Teaching on Prayer

Prayer Mini-Series

My mini-series about praying for authorized leaders. Self-study at your own pace for developing your leadership call. Share with others. Three principles of prayer highlighted in these videos: (1) authority and power, (2) position and (3) obedience.

  • Lesson 1 Praying for Authority and Power of Authorized Leaders
  • Lesson 2 Praying for Position of Authorized Leaders
  • Lesson 3 Praying for Obedience of Authorized Leaders
  • From Listening to Sharing Servant Leaders

Teaching on Christian Discipleship

Christian Discipleship  presented by Dr. Clifford A, Jones. This pastor conducted a virtual class using live streaming during COVID-19. The newly saved and seasoned members were invited to learn more about Invitation to Discipleship and what is means to be a member of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Charlotte, NC. The audience were in different locales.

Virtual Baptism During #COVID-19

From a virtual distance, the following is a Virtual Baptism presented by Dr. D. K. Cofield. This pastor conducted a virtual baptism using live streaming and Zoom during COVID-19. The candidates were physically baptized at the church of Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church Houston, Texas while the pastor and audience were in different locales as well as the Assistant Pastor.

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Small Business Resources

Paycheck Protection Plan
Small Business Administration
Women-Owned Businesses

Assessments for Growth

Leadership Assessments
Ministry Assessments

Connections for Your Ideas

Connections for Your Ideas

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