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On this page, we link you to e-resources for small businesses, assessments for goal setting, and connection to inspire your ideas.

We look for examples of how leaders are creating opportunities for leading, mentoring, ministering, and developing. I use YouTube for virtual teaching and learning on your schedule. Free access to videos. Subscribe to my YouTube channel – Servant Leadership NOW YouTube Channel. By doing this, you will receive a notice when new videos are uploaded for your teaching, sharing and learning.

From wherever you are – LINK IN – Servant Leadership NOW YouTube Channel

Prayer Mini-Series

My mini-series about praying for authorized leaders. Self-study at your own pace for developing your leadership call. Share with others. Three principles of prayer highlighted in these videos: (1) authority and power, (2) position and (3) obedience.

  • Lesson 1 Praying for Authority and Power of Authorized Leaders
  • Lesson 2 Praying for Position of Authorized Leaders
  • Lesson 3 Praying for Obedience of Authorized Leaders
  • From Listening to Sharing Servant Leaders

Next, is an example of Christian Discipleship  presented by Dr. Clifford A, Jones. This pastor conducted a virtual class using live streaming during COVID-19. The newly saved and seasoned members were invited to learn more about Invitation to Discipleship and what is means to be a member of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Charlotte, NC. The audience were in different locales.

From a virtual distance, the following is a Virtual Baptism presented by Dr. D. K. Cofield. This pastor conducted a virtual baptism using live streaming and Zoom during COVID-19. The candidates were physically baptized at the church of Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church Houston, Texas while the pastor and audience were in different locales as well as the Assistant Pastor.


Small Business Resources

Paycheck Protection Plan
Small Business Administration
Women-Owned Businesses

Assessments for Growth

Leadership Assessments
Ministry Assessments

Connections for Your Ideas

Connections for Your Ideas

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