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How are ministries and others implementing Virtual Resources (VM) for Moving Forward? Browse this page 1 and then proceed to E-LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES – PAGE 2

Friendship MBC of Charlotte, NC Dr. Clifford Jones connects to a virtual audience during a global pandemic for teaching and learning.

The church also conducted a virtual fellowship with new members into the body of Christ and church membership.

Good Hope MBC of Houston, TX

Virtual Baptism presented by Dr. D. K. Cofield. An example of how this pastor conducted a virtual baptism using live streaming and Zoom during COVID-19. The candidates were physically baptized at the church of Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church Houston, Texas while the pastor and audience were in different locales.

Dr. D. K. Cofield, Senior Pastor

A Virtual Orientation via Zoom

This is an example of a virtual orientation of AIF (American India Fellowship) via Zoom. Quote, “To kick-start this fellowship journey, there followed a virtual orientation process. This was unexpected, unique and breaking the shackles of the pandemic situation with warmth in the cold winter by the care of Clinton Fellowship Program Team (CFP team), bonds of association with 11 members in our cohort family and the moment of togetherness. This is a story of starting my American India Foundation William J Clinton Fellowship for Service in India with a virtual orientation in November,” unquote.


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