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Note: Updating this list for Biblical Training for Fall 2019 quarter

Personal, practical, possible and applicable tools for ministry leadership

Freely Given – Freely Receive

Did you know several universities make available free courses and want to share them with you? Yes. They are freely giving you the opportunity right from where you are. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. We, as God’s people, desire to flow in the application of FAITH.

You Need a Break

You need a BREAK…break financially and spiritually. We continue to spend time and money on education – I know I do – more than I care to share here. And, of course, because there are other demands on our time and resources, we can use the tool of eLearning.

There is a community of instructors who are willing to share their knowledge free; I am anxious to get the word out. So, here it is. You just need to share. Give someone you know a BREAK too! Read the disclaimer before you browse for courses.


Disclaimer: While many of the courses we link to are FREE, it is not under my control.  If it becomes necessary to delete a link because of high cost or changes, we will try to recommend a comparable website.

Click here and checkout e-learning and physical classes just for you – Sites

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