Jake is a leader. He also has a supervisor, Adam. Their department consists of both believers and a few non-believers. Each day, Jake starts his morning with a prayer. He asks for wisdom in his leadership of others; compassion and strength at home and work. He prays for those whom he leads and those who leads him.

In the past months, Jake has witnessed his immediate supervisor operate with intimidation and untruths. Adam has expressed to Jake that this is the way things are done in the world of business if you want to get ahead.

Today, Jake and Adam has been asked to meet with Susan, the Department Head. The meeting has been called because of the seriousness of a complaint from a fellow colleague. Jake has been named as a witness in the co-worker’s complaint. Neither Jake nor Adam knows all the details of the complaint. It is a fact-finding investigation.

As a leader, Jake’s choices should be simple. Right?


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