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Johnson Chapel MBC Elem City, NC

Message From the Pastor: Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Welcome to Johnson Chapel Missionary Baptist Church. I am thankful to serve in this “FAITH COMMUNITY“. God has blessed my family and I to be called to this branch of Zion. I am committed to lead God’s people as God shall guide. You are welcome to fellowship with us during each of our worship services, Sunday School, or Bible Study. Since God called me to Johnson Chapel, I have strived to do the following:

Johnson Chapel Missionary Baptist Church
Johnson Chapel Missionary Baptist
Roderick L. Tillery, Sr. – Pastor
Elm City, NC
11:00 AM on 2nd, 3rd & 4th Sundays
8:00AM 1st Sundays

1) Stand not ashamed of the gospel.
2) Take an unapologetic stand of teaching, preaching, and living God’s Word.
3) Love God and love His people.
4) Grow the church spiritually, physically and financially according to God’s Word.
5) Have my steps ordered by God.

My favorite scripture is Psalm 119:133 “Order my steps in your word Lord, that no iniquity might have dominion over me.” Come out to fellowship with us at Johnson Chapel, where God is honored and glorified.

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Check website for times of Sundays Outdoor Service with Ebenezer MBC of Rocky Mount, NC

Dr. Thomas L. Walker, Sr. Pastor



Charlotte, North Carolina
Dr. Jones, Senior Pastor

Website, Facebook Live or mobile app   Services 8am and 10am and watch on demand

We are the people of God, called together to be the Body of Christ, inspired by the Holy Spirit: To proclaim God’s Will, to love one another, to be instruments of salvation – preaching, teaching, worshipping, caring, sharing, growing and giving service through community outreach.

Coronavirus Update

There are many questions and concerns regarding best practices and precautionary measures around the Coronavirus (Covid-19).  Please click on the link below for some Do’s and Don’ts and continue to check the CDC and Mecklenburg County Public Health websites to stay informed.


Miami, Florida  Pastor Theodore & Lady McRae

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